We offer the following discount schedules and programs. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with all our clients and to reward them for their continued support. It was with this in mind that we instituted our exclusive  "Frequent Boarder Program " back in 1973, and is being improved and updated on a continual basis. Your boarding days are accumulated each time you stay and once you reach the first level ( Bronze ), your discounts start to kick in. Once you have reached a particular level, you stay at that level for as long as you are a Sandy Pines client. YOU NEVER LOSE YOUR DISCOUNT LEVEL!

Basic Standard Discounts

  • 5% Multi Pet Discount
  • 5% Extended Stay Discount ( 10 days or longer )
  • Going Away For 30 Days or More?  Call Us For a Special Quote

2019/2020 Rates

  • Dogs  - $39.75/Night
  • Cats  -  $20.50/Night

Frequent Boarder Program

          Total Days In Account         Level              Discount

  • 15 - 30 Days                (Bronze Level)   3.5% Discount
  • 30 - 50 Days                (Silver Level)        5% Discount
  • > 50 Days                    (Gold Level)        10 % Discount

Rates and Discount Programs