Cancellation Policy / waived until 1/1/21!

Being a small, family owned kennel, cancellations hurt not only us but our other clients as well. More and more pet parents are booking well in advance of their scheduled vacations and getaways. Due to the increasing number of last minute cancellations, in addition to clients returning before their scheduled pick-up date, it has become necessary to remind everyone of our policies that have been in place since 1973.

Clients will be billed for the full time that has been reserved unless Sandy Pines is notified  Two Weeks  prior to the scheduled check-in date.                                                  

This policy is clearly stated in the initial welcome package that is given to all new clients. Charges may be waived under certain circumstances. 

Mary and I thank you for your understanding and on behalf of ourselves and all the employees of Sandy Pines, thank you for your continued support.